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"Riot games has official unveiled the way seedings will work in the upcoming season 5 world championships.

Save a few changes, the seeding for the Season 5 World Championships is quite similar to the year prior. The major regions consisting of LPL, EU LCS, NA LCS, and LCK retain their seeds, granting 3 teams access to the world stage each. However, due to the SEA Split of GPL into the Tawainese LMS, the GPL has beem deemed weaker and less deserving of the spot......"

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We will keep you updated with all the latest results as they come in.
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"Natus vincere became the fourth and final team to qualify straight through to the international 5 last night with a 3-1 victory over Vega squadron. Na'vi will join ehome, complexity gaming and mvp.Hot6 as the qualifiers for the biggest event in DOTA 2 come to an end."

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There has been a recent break in League of Legends due to the end of the Spring Split and the Mid Season Invitational tournament however it is nearly time for the EU and NA LCS Summer Split to kick off.

With the various regions kicking off their divisions in the past week it is very nearly time for Europe and North America to do the same. So to give you a hand we have put the schedule below for the first day of both the EU and NA LCS matches. The first day proves to be an exciting one with all the teams aiming to stamp their authority on the league.

Thursday May 28th, EU LCS SUMMER - WEEK 1 - DAY 1 (Times in BST, add +1 for CEST):

5:00 PM - Unicorns Of Love vs Fnatic
7:00 PM - Copenhagen Wolves vs SK Gaming
8:00 PM - Gambit Gaming vs Elements
9:00 PM - H2K vs ROCCAT

Friday May 29th, EU LCS SUMMER - WEEK 1 - DAY 2 (Times in BST, add +1 for CEST):

5:00 PM - ORIGEN vs H2K
6:00 PM - GIANTS GAMING vs Copenhagen Wolves
7:00 PM - ROCCAT vs Gambit Gaming
8:00 PM - Fnatic vs SK Gaming
9:00 PM - Elements vs Unicorns Of Love

Saturday May 30th, NA LCS SUMMER - WEEK 1 - DAY 1 (Times in BST, add +1 for CEST):

8:00 PM - Cloud9 vs Team SoloMid
9:00 PM - Team Dragon Knights vs Team Liquid
10:00 PM - Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Dignitas
11:00 PM - Team 8 vs Team Impulse
12:00 AM - Gravity vs Enemy Esports

Sunday May 31st, NA LCS SUMMER - WEEK 1 - DAY 2 (Times in BST, add +1 for CEST):

8:00 PM - Team Liquid vs Team 8
9:00 PM - Team Dignitas vs Cloud9
10:00 PM - Team Impulse vs Counter Logic Gaming
11:00 PM - Team SoloMid vs Enemy Esports
12:00 AM - Team Dragon Knights vs Gravity

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The followup article to the day 2 recap, ploguidic3 gives us the day 3 recap:

"Day 3 of The Summit proved to be a much more exciting day as there were a couple of 60 minute long games. Though the day began with two one-sided affairs, with EG and iG sweeping Rave and NoT Today respectively, Rave did manage to put up a respectable fight in game 2. If it were not for some costly mistakes, Rave would have run away with an early lead, but the experienced EG squad managed to hold it together and take the victory."

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As taken from our sister site, credit to ploguidic3:

"Day 2 of The Summit turned out to be as short as the first. On paper, Group B had three fairly evenly matched teams in Team Secret, iG, and LGD. However, Team Secret swept iG in two games and then dominated LGD in both games in the winners’ match. While iG put up the best fight we’ve seen in the tournament in game 2, Team Secret never let go of their momentum once they got a hold of it and rolled onto a 32 minute victory."

For the full article head here:

We will keep you up to date with all the developments!
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SPOILER ALERT: This post contains the results for May 7th group games!

Yesterday we saw the first round of groups games in the League of Legends MSI tournament. With the best team from each region around the globe duking it out for the top spot and the title of number 1 in the world, we have seen some incredible matches so far and there is still plenty to come. So lets take a look at yesterdays results:

FNC VS TSM - FNC won 1 - 0
BJK VS SKT - SKT won 1 - 0
EDG VS AHQ - EDG won 1 - 0
BJK VS TSM - TSM won 1 - 0
FNC VS AHQ - AHQ won 1 - 0
SKT VS EDG - SKT won 1 - 0
AHQ VS BJK - AHQ won 1 - 0
SKT VS TSM - SKT won 1 - 0

Which means the table now looks like this:

1 - SK Telecom T1 (3W / 0L)
2 - Ahq e-Sports Club (2W / 1L)
3 - EDward Gaming (1W / 1L)
4 - Fnatic (1W / 1L)
5 - Team SoloMid (1W / 2L)
6 - Besiktas e-Sports Club (0W / 3L)

Everything is still up for grabs with the second set of group games to be played tonight and with some amazing games already played there is no telling what potential upsets there could be today. For today's schedule see the link below:

We will keep all the updates, news and upsets coming onto the site as they happen so you don't miss out on any of the action. Stay tuned!
Today is the day that we will see some of the biggest games League of Legends has to offer before the World Finals, the Mid Season Invitational begins! The tournament is being held in Tallahassee, Florida, at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center located at Florida State University. It will feature the regional champions from around the world, duking out to determine who is currently the best in the world and which region leads the way into the summer split.

The teams competing are as follows:

Ahq e-Sports Club
Besiktas e-Sports Club
EDward Gaming
SK Telecom T1
Team SoloMid

The five participating teams were chosen by winning their split playoffs in the EU LCS, LCK, LMS, LPL, and NA LCS. The sixth and final spot went to the winner of the International Wild Card Invitational (IWCI) in Istanbul, Turkey.

The format, as taken from explained below:

"Top talent from around the globe will compete in a single round-robin Group Stage on May 7-8. The top four teams from the Group Stage will advance to Best of 5s bracket stage on May 9-10 for a chance to be crowned the winner."

For a full schedule you can head here to make sure you don't miss any games:

When you know what time your favourite teams are playing head over to the Riot Games Twitch channel ( to watch all the action live from the States.

We will keep you posted with all the latest developments in case you don't have the chance to watch the games yourself! Stay tuned!
A snippet of the analysis of two titans about to meet, taken from our sister site, all credit goes to HeckyMayster:

"With much of the hype of this series taking place in the very exciting game 4, there isn't anything in that game that we haven't seen analysed before. Game 1, however, shows us a new take on how to control wide areas and nullify the ability for a smite teleport Hecarim to flank engage onto your team. The ability to use a team composition of this style can help many teams deal with the teamfighting potential of the late game tanks, since it allows you to isolate targets effectively and kill a member of the enemy team before a full teamfight erupts. In essence, it is a good way to counter the current meta."

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Recently Cloud9 mid laner Hai "Hai" Lam announced he would be stepping down as the NA powerhouses mid laner and shot caller, instead he would take over as the organisation Chief Gaming Officer. This has left the spot open and there has been a lot of speculation as to who will replace the legendary mid laner, this is where Eugene "Pobelter" Park comes in.

Whilst Cloud9 had failed to keep the lid on them trialing Nicolaj "Incarnati0n" Jensen as he has been spotted through various streams with the Cloud9 players, we didn't expect the same to happen while trialling another player, however this is exactly what happened with Pobelter. Whilst Meteos was streaming he accidently stepped into the stream as can be seen here:

Whilst the players did their best to cover it up the cat was already out of the bag and so by the looks the players have pretty much confirmed the news.

Apparently these are not he only trialists though, there have been others alongside Pobelter and Incarnati0n which include Yusui from the second Cloud9 team, so only time will tell who the replacement is going to be. We will keep you up to date with any developments as soon as we have them.
Another sad piece of news following the disappointing performance of Elements in the Spring Split for the European LCS.

The team really struggled to maintain the level of performance they produced in Season 4 and with a dismal finish in the spring split of Season 5 it appears it is time for some more changes.

The team had previously made changes mid season to bring in Mitch 'Krepo' Voorspoels as the Support to work alongside Rekkles the ADC. As much as they started well and the improved communication in the team, brought by Krepo extensive experience, this all seemed to break down once again near the end.

The player himself has appeared to lose motivation for professional play and therefore has decided to stand down from any further competitive play. For a statement from the player head over to our sister site here:

There you can find some more in depth detail as to why the player has made this decision and potentially what the future holds for him with his next steps. We want to wish Krepo all the success with his future career and his outstanding support plays will be sorely missed within the scene. Lets hope we get to see him on our PC screens on the analyst desk or with Elements as a coach.

Stay tuned for more Esports updates and some exciting new tournaments to come!