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Welcome to the weekly round up once again. This one is actually a little late and incorporates last week and the majority of this week. There will be another round up to go over the remainder of this weeks activities around Sunday / Monday. Anyway, lets crack on!

We have had another ESH Community Series tournament, once again in DOTA 2 and we got to see some of the previous tournament victors battle it out for the title of supreme ESH Community Champion. This was probably due to all the prizes being paid out at the end of last week and the teams feeling pumped for another taste of some G2A gift cards.

The final standings were as follows:

1st: Dz - United Kingdom
2nd: YDT - Russia

With 3 of the previous community tournament winners showing up it was a heated competition and unfortunately for some, with only one winner. Dz returned for their second ESH Community Series victory, putting them at the top of the leaderboard in the recent run of tournaments. We will be announcing a new tournament shortly so keep your eyes peeled and get yourselves signed up. Gift codes will be issued within 48 hours of tournament completion so be sure to sign up quick as the spaces won't last.

For other news check the front page as their have been some developments in the EU LCS surrounding a certain team which could be of interest. Other than that, watch this space for the release of the next ESH Community Series tournament, along with an announcement about another new tournament we will be hosting for one of our partners.

Until next week!

The Admin Team
With week 5 in the NA and EU LCS League of Legends scenes wrapping up we have our final contenders for the IEM World Championships LoL tournament. The World Championships are to be held in Katowice once again from March 12th - 15th. They will host competitions in both LoL and Starcraft 2 but for now we focus on the fully announced team list for LoL. Without further ado here they are and how they qualified:

- Team WE (Intel Extreme Masters Shenzhen)
- Cloud 9 (Intel Extreme Masters San Jose)
- Gambit Gaming (Intel Extreme Masters Cologne)
- yoe Flash Wolves (Intel Extreme Masters Taipei)
- GE Tigers (first place LCK team)
- CJ Entus (second place LCK team)
- SK Gaming (first place EU LCS)
- TSM (first place NA LCS)

If you haven't checked it out, here is the highlight video to last years IEM World Championships.... Hype!!!

Simply wow!
The title says it all, with Elements having had a shakey start to the Spring split they have decided to make a second change. Krepo, the former support player for CLG.EU and Evil Geniuses, joined the team three days ago in Belgium in their preparations for the sixth week of the LCS. Nyph will be moving into the Coaching position and between the two they should be able to rectify some of the problems within Elements.

For more detailed information head to the full article on our sister site here:

We will continue to bring you updates to the most relevant gaming news, watch this space!
The doors to the next installment of the ESH Community Series are now open! With all prizes now paid out and up to date we wanted to unleash Round 5 of the ESH Community Series upon you lucky DOTA 2 players out there. With some hot competition and the smell of fresh prizes in the air this tournament is looking likely to be full to the brim. We do have a contingency in place if this issue does arise but if you want to secure your spot competing for the 100 Euros I would get signed up sooner rather than later.

As ever we are really pleased to be working with as they are an innovative platform that offers comfortable and swift access to a wide range of products, such as software activation licenses for Steam, Origin, Xbox Live cards, PSN codes and time-cards for online games at unique prices.

Tournament Details

Maximum Teams: 16
Signups open: 20th of February
Signups close: 25th of February
Start date: 25th of February
End date: 25th of February
Format: BO1 Single Elimination with BO3 finals
Admins: Damage
Rules: Click here
Sign-up: Click Here - You must be registered to the site, have created/joined your respective team and then formed a 5 man squad within that team to join this tournament.
Brackets: Click here


o 1st place: 5x €20 Gift Cards


Round 1 (16) : Wednesday the 25th of February
19:00 GMT/20:00 CET - BO1

Round 2 (8) : Wednesday the 25th of February
20:00 GMT/21:00 CET - BO1

Round 3 (4) : Wednesday the 25th of February
21:00 GMT/22:00 CET - BO1

Round 4 (2) : Wednesday the 25th of February
22:00 GMT/23:00 CET - BO3
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Yes you heard correct. After the long period of playing with Froggen in what appeared to be the dream team duo, Elementz have decided to bench Wickd and replace him with former Millenium player Kev1n.

The decision appears to have come after a slight issue with team synergy seems to have appeared. This obviously can't be between Froggen and Wickd but between Wickd and some of the other players, quite what the issues are exactly we are unsure but the decision has already been made.

For the upcoming matches in this weeks EU LCS round we will see Kev1n represent Elementz, something which could be very exciting with the players previous star role in Millenium.

For more details head to our sister site - full link below:
The title says it all. There is another big league on the block in the form of PGLs CCS! With a whopping $110,000 dollars up for grabs through the course of the league we can be sure to see some of the finest teams in the world show up to compete.

The finals themselves will be held at Dreamhack Bucharest 2015 with a monstrous $75,000 prize pool. The rest of the money is broken down as follows:

Distribution of prizes:

Group Stage - $17.000

Last Chance Tournament - $8.000

The Final Season - $75.000

For more information on the announcement head straight to PGLs website here: - Please note you will need to translate the page if you don't speak Romanian ;)

Plus for a quick intro trailer, click the link below:
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Hi All,

I just wanted to give all those teams / players that are currently waiting on their codes a quick reassurance. They are being generated as we speak and I hope to have them with you by the end of the day or at worst, the start of next week. Keep your eyes peeled though as once those codes are released we will be issuing the next installment in our line of ESH Community Tournaments, another DOTA 2 blood fest! Who will be the next team to take the crown? Will it be one of our previous champions or a new team on the block? Teams to watch out for are:

ESH Community Series DOTA 2 #1:

1st - - Sweden / Denmark
2nd - The Rock - United Kingdom

ESH Community Series DOTA 2 #2:

1st - WT - Germany
2nd - NewOP Turkey

ESH Community Series DOTA 2 #3:

1st - Dz - United Kingdom
2nd - cool - Japan

ESH Community Series DOTA 2 #4:

1st - ART - Romania
2nd - GO - Romania

Although with plenty of new teams coming out of the woodwork we are expecting this to be some hot competiition. Should we run out of space we will look to increase the tournament size to 32 teams however we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

In the meantime, watch this space and for the previous lucky winners, keep an eye on your emails ;)

Happy Hunting

The Admin Team
As always our sister site at has been bringing you the latest news and updates in the esports world. One of which is the announcement of the teams for the IEM World Championships, specifically LoL. Currently 7 of the 8 places have been filled with the final team to be decided next week.

The Chief over at had this to say on the site:

"The World Championship will once again be held in Katowice, Poland. Seven out of the eight spots have already been filled with the eighth team to be determined early next week. The event will be held in the Spodek Arena from March 12 to March 15th of 2015. The currently qualified and invited teams are as follows:

Team WE (Intel Extreme Masters Shenzhen)
Cloud 9 (Intel Extreme Masters San Jose)
Gambit Gaming (Intel Extreme Masters Cologne)
yoe Flash Wolves (Intel Extreme Masters Taipei)
GE Tigers (LCK leading team after first half of the season)
European LCS leading team after week five
North American LCS leading team after week five"

For the full article head here:

Be sure to stay up to date with all the latest news at Esports Heaven!
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Our sister site have covered the recent major disruption to the APEX 2015 tournament. It appears there are some serious issues with the venue itself with structural integrity at fault. Our sister site had this to say:

"Day one of the APEX 2015 tournament held in new jersey was cancelled today after concerns about the structural integrity of the proposed playing area were raised, apparently following the accidental triggering of a fire alarm by customer at the hotel. The fire marshals declared the ballroom unfit for use due to the partial collapse of the roof, related to the recent bad weather, and eventually informed the event organisers that the venue was closed until further notice, with rumours of criminal charges being brought against the manager........."

For the full article head here:

A sad day for the tournament to say the least!
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After several successful tournaments and several more to come we thought we would give you a roundup of the activity that has happened so far!

With 4 tournaments completed we have had an array of winners, several close contenders and some nail biting results. Each tournament had a 100 Euro prize pool for the winner in the form of codes for games at!

So who are our current champions? Let me tell you!

ESH Community Series DOTA 2 #1:

1st - - Sweden / Denmark
2nd - The Rock - United Kingdom

ESH Community Series DOTA 2 #2:

1st - WT - Germany
2nd - NewOP Turkey

ESH Community Series DOTA 2 #3:

1st - Dz - United Kingdom
2nd - cool - Japan

ESH Community Series DOTA 2 #4:

1st - ART - Romania
2nd - GO - Romania

As you can see there have been a variety of winners and the tournaments have been host to many different countries. Don't worry though as you haven't missed your chance to compete, there are 2 more tournaments waiting to go with their launch imminent! So keep your eyes peeled on the site and get signed up when they become available, spaces are limited!

So we say a final congratulations to all the winners and better luck next time to those that came so close, yet so far to the 100 Euro prize pool. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!