We have teamed up with CyberPower to bring you some more quality DOTA 2 action. This time with a host of prizes and matching our community series format we bring you the CyberPower DOTA 2 Ascendancy Tournament.

We will be working with CyberPower who have teamed up with several of their partners to provide you with some awesome prizes. With vision, commitment and determination CyberPower can manufacture a vast range of custom built PC systems to suit the needs of any individual or company. Their PC systems are built with up-most care and attention as they strive towards making this not just their profession, but their obsession.

Tournament Details

Maximum Teams: 16
Signups open: Monday the 30th of November
Signups close: Wednesday the 9th of December
Start date: Wednesday the 9th of December
End date: Wednesday the 9th of December
Format: BO1 Single Elimination with BO3 finals
Admins: Damage
Rules: Click here
Sign-up: Click Here - You must be registered to the site, have created/joined your respective team and then formed a 5 man squad within that team to join this tournament.
Brackets: Click here


o 1st place: 5x Cooler Master Devastator Keyboards and mice
o 2nd place: 5x Hyper X Cloud II gaming headsets


Round 1 (16) : Wednesday the 9th of December
18:00 GMT/19:00 CET - BO1

Round 2 (8) : Wednesday the 9th of December
19:00 GMT/20:00 CET - BO1

Round 3 (4) : Wednesday the 9th of December
20:00 GMT/21:00 CET - BO1

Round 4 (2) : Wednesday the 9th of December
21:00 GMT/22:00 CET - BO3
The title says it all, summer has left us and with it so have the holidays for some, vacations for others but for some of us we have been toiling away. For all of our hard work we have a hive of activity coming your way... not one, not two but 3 tournaments on the horizon along with the launch of our new ladder system!

The tournaments which will be launched over this coming week will play host to League of Legends and DOTA 2 plus one to be more yet to be decided! The ladder will be a CS:GO ladder mirroring the classic EnemyDown from days of old. Each has its own bundle of prizes to be won so you would be foolish not to rally the troops and get yourselves entered. Details will follow for each tournament over the coming week along with full details on how to register for the ladder and compete with its challenge system. The third tournament is being finalised and there are several more tournaments ready in the wings to follow this burst of activity so keep your eyes peeled.

To give you a a glimpse into the tournaments and ladder we are working with companies such as Sapphire, ROCCAT, CyberPower Systems and EVGA all of which you will know about and all of which have provided some of their finest products on offer to give you something juicy to aim for.

in the meantime keep checking the site as information will be posted regarding all of the events coming up! Start to rally the troops, its time for battle!
Greetings Gamers!

It has been slightly delayed in coming but we are now pretty much there. Not only do we have tournaments galore lined up for you in the coming months but we have also revamped and reworked the ESH Leagues and Ladder system to bring you a whole new set of competitions that will be ongoing.

What does this mean for you as the gamers? This means that there will be several ladders across multiple games that you can compete in to find out where you rank compared to your rivals! These ladders will be supported and will contain prizes that will be awarded every month for the top player / team in their respective game. We already have one prepared and will be looking to launch it within the next 4 weeks, keep your eyes peeled for this amazing announcement as the prizes are definitely worth fighting for! If you remember the days of EnemyDown then you will know exactly what we have in store for you.

Moving to tournaments, well lets just say that there are going to be peripherals galore to pick up over the course of August and into September with multiple tournaments in multiple games ready to be announced. Again keep your eyes peeled here for the announcement posts so you can get your teams all signed up (with a new streamlined registration system) for your chance to win some immense prizes. With partners such as Roccat and Cyberpower UK we are set to have an incredible month of gaming.

We will keep you posted with all the developments but the main thing you need to do is sit back and wait for the tournament announcements and hit the Sign Up button when they appear. Then play hard or go home!

See you on the battlefield!

The Esports Heaven Management
Posted by   Damage on 08/07/2015
As taken from our sister site:

"ESL has launched their new website for their signature Intel Extreme Masters tournament series. Along with a redesigned website ESL has also announced plans for the next Intel Extreme Masters stop at Gamescom. The second IEM stop this season will take place August 5th to August 8th and will feature StarCraft II as well as at least one other yet to be announced game....."

For the full article head here:

As taken from our sister site:

"Swedish digital entertainment company Modern Times Group (MTG) have acquired a majority stake in the Electronic Sports League (ESL), purchasing 74% of the organization from Turtle Entertainment.

ESL states that while they will still operate as an independant company, they will "[take] on the role of central driver of MTG’s digital strategy", claiming that the aquisition will help accelerate their global expansion through this strategic partnership.

The other 26% of the organization is said to be kept among ESL's management team and founders, which they have committed towards through long term contracts...."

For the full article head here:

As taken from our sister site:

"Riot games has official unveiled the way seedings will work in the upcoming season 5 world championships.

Save a few changes, the seeding for the Season 5 World Championships is quite similar to the year prior. The major regions consisting of LPL, EU LCS, NA LCS, and LCK retain their seeds, granting 3 teams access to the world stage each. However, due to the SEA Split of GPL into the Tawainese LMS, the GPL has beem deemed weaker and less deserving of the spot......"

To read the rest of the article head here:


We will keep you updated with all the latest results as they come in.
As taken from our sister site:

"Natus vincere became the fourth and final team to qualify straight through to the international 5 last night with a 3-1 victory over Vega squadron. Na'vi will join ehome, complexity gaming and mvp.Hot6 as the qualifiers for the biggest event in DOTA 2 come to an end."

For the full article head here:

Posted by   Damage on 25/05/2015
There has been a recent break in League of Legends due to the end of the Spring Split and the Mid Season Invitational tournament however it is nearly time for the EU and NA LCS Summer Split to kick off.

With the various regions kicking off their divisions in the past week it is very nearly time for Europe and North America to do the same. So to give you a hand we have put the schedule below for the first day of both the EU and NA LCS matches. The first day proves to be an exciting one with all the teams aiming to stamp their authority on the league.

Thursday May 28th, EU LCS SUMMER - WEEK 1 - DAY 1 (Times in BST, add +1 for CEST):

5:00 PM - Unicorns Of Love vs Fnatic
7:00 PM - Copenhagen Wolves vs SK Gaming
8:00 PM - Gambit Gaming vs Elements
9:00 PM - H2K vs ROCCAT

Friday May 29th, EU LCS SUMMER - WEEK 1 - DAY 2 (Times in BST, add +1 for CEST):

5:00 PM - ORIGEN vs H2K
6:00 PM - GIANTS GAMING vs Copenhagen Wolves
7:00 PM - ROCCAT vs Gambit Gaming
8:00 PM - Fnatic vs SK Gaming
9:00 PM - Elements vs Unicorns Of Love

Saturday May 30th, NA LCS SUMMER - WEEK 1 - DAY 1 (Times in BST, add +1 for CEST):

8:00 PM - Cloud9 vs Team SoloMid
9:00 PM - Team Dragon Knights vs Team Liquid
10:00 PM - Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Dignitas
11:00 PM - Team 8 vs Team Impulse
12:00 AM - Gravity vs Enemy Esports

Sunday May 31st, NA LCS SUMMER - WEEK 1 - DAY 2 (Times in BST, add +1 for CEST):

8:00 PM - Team Liquid vs Team 8
9:00 PM - Team Dignitas vs Cloud9
10:00 PM - Team Impulse vs Counter Logic Gaming
11:00 PM - Team SoloMid vs Enemy Esports
12:00 AM - Team Dragon Knights vs Gravity

Be sure to tune in over at http://www.twitch.tv/riotgames
Posted by   Damage on 19/05/2015
The followup article to the day 2 recap, ploguidic3 gives us the day 3 recap:

"Day 3 of The Summit proved to be a much more exciting day as there were a couple of 60 minute long games. Though the day began with two one-sided affairs, with EG and iG sweeping Rave and NoT Today respectively, Rave did manage to put up a respectable fight in game 2. If it were not for some costly mistakes, Rave would have run away with an early lead, but the experienced EG squad managed to hold it together and take the victory."

For the rest of the article head to our sister site here:

Posted by   Damage on 15/05/2015
As taken from our sister site, credit to ploguidic3:

"Day 2 of The Summit turned out to be as short as the first. On paper, Group B had three fairly evenly matched teams in Team Secret, iG, and LGD. However, Team Secret swept iG in two games and then dominated LGD in both games in the winners’ match. While iG put up the best fight we’ve seen in the tournament in game 2, Team Secret never let go of their momentum once they got a hold of it and rolled onto a 32 minute victory."

For the full article head here:


We will keep you up to date with all the developments!