Posted by dfb on 13:37:26 4th August 2011 CEST

Hey guys,

As you know this is a test league for us to perfect the system before we start rolling it out across the board. This is the place you can give your feedback and help us make this league system perfect for you guys.

The best suggestions receives a prize and some hard earned loving ;-)
Amsterdam ComRdz on 20:07:45 8th August 2011 CEST

For 2on2 make sure to add mp_vacant which is the best map for this ladder (together with crash and backlot).
Possibly consider removing mp_district &/or mp_crossfire, since they are too big/boring for 2on2. Anyone disagreeing on this does not understand the concept of 2on2.
If the maplist is adapted, my mate and me will join this ladder. Hopefully the level is a bit higher than on the stupid CB 2on2 ladder:D

Hungary adamzZz on 20:21:17 8th August 2011 CEST

do not add vacant ... lan maps are good enough to play this :) vacant is horrible to play on, but it's only mine and my team mate's opinion. BTW nice to see this league, keep it up!

United Kingdom tomzki on 00:06:28 10th August 2011 CEST

The changes you're suggesting, won't happen.

Poland larseo on 11:31:30 9th August 2011 CEST

+1 adamzZz, no vacant... Add normal maps but without vacant

France arkz on 12:27:17 9th August 2011 CEST

Maybe put a special IRC channel for the league to find matches.
This would allow :
- to schedule a match
- to find a match "in the moment"

This would help to know who is available now (especially on 2v2).

Poland larseo on 12:49:02 9th August 2011 CEST

Or just make a topic with xfire contact ... ?:D

Hungary adamzZz on 13:20:10 9th August 2011 CEST

an anticheat would be great to use. SLAC for example :)

United Kingdom tomzki on 00:08:14 10th August 2011 CEST

It's just a test ladder, for feedback purposes. An anti-cheat will be implemented into the official ESH ladder.

Germany Rohm on 15:11:01 9th August 2011 CEST

Match Rules

For all Esports Heaven Official ladder matches, Promodlive211 is to be used. The specific mode is promod_mode match_mr12

Should be promod_mode match_2v2_mr10/12, no ?

United Kingdom tomzki on 00:08:35 10th August 2011 CEST


Poland larseo on 18:58:28 9th August 2011 CEST

yup promod_mode match_2v2_mr12

United Kingdom tomzki on 00:09:36 10th August 2011 CEST

Yeah, just changed it.

Denmark ToAsT <3 on 22:42:33 9th August 2011 CEST

It looks like the name of the teams need to change..
So my team,, -CC-, comes first, and the opponent comes last..

United Kingdom eyjohn on 15:34:16 15th August 2011 CEST


Croatia NinjEEEk on 23:04:54 9th August 2011 CEST

Add custom maps,new irc channel for this, or make xfire group so people can find the match without problem, please some anticheat (slac maybe)

United Kingdom tomzki on 00:25:44 10th August 2011 CEST

It's just for test purposes, we don't need to expand into anything else for the time being.

Norway infexzj on 23:44:07 9th August 2011 CEST

accept teams faster into the league! ":D"

Finland yatzzY on 00:28:53 10th August 2011 CEST

Sort out a tool that automatically confirms added scores after a set time. Just so admins doesn't have to confirm them everytime the opponent who lost isn't doing it.

Belgium dfb on 10:11:27 10th August 2011 CEST

This is already in place (after two days)

Finland yatzzY on 00:43:21 10th August 2011 CEST

At map rules,

"Each team chooses one map. If the same map is chosen by both teams, that map is played twice."

There is nowhere to choose maps, only in-game talking to the opponent or so. And how in the world can one map be chosen by both teams if one opponent say "we play crash" i'm pretty sure the other one doesn't say yeah we too then, so they pick another map, and that makes it unfair for the one who picks their map first. Imo it should be like in CB, when u challenge someone u select your maps there and have the opportunity to hide your map choice. If that is too much to ask for, then something more simple and similar. Like a rule: Start off with a knife round, loser picks a map first. But then again, would be pretty rare that the same map is being played twice, not that it would bother me since i can't be arsed to play the same map twice in a row anyways.

Poland qrek on 12:00:03 10th August 2011 CEST

I think that will be good if you make a special mirc channel to find match. It will be better than challanging on page....

Switzerland xENONN on 13:14:40 10th August 2011 CEST

+1 qrek

Poland larseo on 15:14:24 10th August 2011 CEST

There is still wrong - For all Esports Heaven Official ladder matches, Promodlive211 is to be used. The specific mode is promod_mode 2v2_match_mr12 .

It must be promod_mode match_2v2_mr12 :]

United Kingdom tomzki on 17:31:00 10th August 2011 CEST


Both work :)

Netherlands hidzor on 16:10:10 10th August 2011 CEST

any team wants a 2v2 now?:D hidzrcod4 = xfire

Hungary stripzZz on 16:28:33 10th August 2011 CEST

if you have a pending match in the leauge and you and your mates leave or you kick them out and then you leave, it allows everyone to leave and the pending match just stays.
guess the biggest bug here.
(even if the match was accepted and played down, but you can easily remove your team without accepting the match)

Hungary stripzZz on 16:36:35 10th August 2011 CEST

and also, if you don't give to anyone league access, he can open the league panel and see the status of the team, but if you have a challenge it doesn't appear. instead of hide it, don't allow to do anything with the challenge but allow him to see it

(my english fails hard)

Poland EmEryT on 20:44:39 10th August 2011 CEST

league panel - i think must be better to find it, not only in inbox when someone challanged u and then u can click league panel (or maybe only I cant find this somewhere else) ;/

in challanging - add option: "Map" maybe?

United Kingdom eyjohn on 15:37:08 15th August 2011 CEST

League panel is visible on the right menu when viewing that league, if not let me know

Denmark LazzeY on 00:53:33 11th August 2011 CEST

Hey, why we can't join the ladder, we are 2 players in the team xD.

United Kingdom tomzki on 12:07:03 11th August 2011 CEST

You created a squad and made both players "members". To be able to sign-up to a cup/ladder/league you need to be a team leader. I've fixed it for you, you should be able to signup now.

Czech Republic trume on 23:28:57 11th August 2011 CEST

If you add the wrong result, by mistake for example, theres no way to change it, at least I havent found one

Czech Republic Intaaaaa on 21:20:36 12th August 2011 CEST

idd, that'S what happened to us once.

United Kingdom eyjohn on 15:38:07 15th August 2011 CEST

for the time being , ask an admin (possibly by raising a conflict), they can change the score in 2 clicks

Nepal paradox- on 23:42:50 11th August 2011 CEST

i do agree with trume, this has to be changed.

Also i recommend everyone to avoid playing versus laming croatians in there, its same like cb. lol -.-

Hungary stripzZz on 12:02:10 12th August 2011 CEST

hope somebody recognised my 2 posts about the 2 bugs in the system.

France arkz on 12:02:29 12th August 2011 CEST

There is a bug for dates. I explain:

For example, a team schedules a game (09/08/2011 at 00:00). I reschedules for the next day (10/08/2011 at 15:00).
Opponent doesn't accept and three days later he agreed to play the game! Except back in time, difficult to play the game!

We should not accept a match if the date is exceeded!

Edit: It's a auto-acceptation. But the probleme is same.

Belgium Paddeh on 15:24:51 12th August 2011 CEST

Why no promod_mode 2v2_match_mr8 like on ESL, first to 17 rounds win.

Czech Republic Intaaaaa on 21:26:34 12th August 2011 CEST

i believe mr12 is actually good, because the match won't decide lucky rounds and skill/tactic got major importance. just my opinion

Poland TaLLiB on 22:44:24 12th August 2011 CEST

Why I can't accept challange? On one account I can, but on another one cant :o

United Kingdom eyjohn on 15:40:36 15th August 2011 CEST

permissions maybe? you need to have league manager permission to accept challenges, you can set this in your team/clan edit page

Croatia mata1993 on 20:11:39 13th August 2011 CEST

any play add me xf mata1993

Finland LAREEEE on 23:30:41 13th August 2011 CEST

im finding it very hard to navigate on the page that shows match list with points -

perhaps add a link to somewhere in the clan page, like into the squad section so every game would have their leagues/tournaments organized -

United Kingdom eyjohn on 15:45:50 15th August 2011 CEST

(Developer) I've intended the links you see there to take you to the matches, in the match info you can find all the info you need such as further details about opponent and all times/dates,

Note that one team may by in multiple leagues in the future, so stuffing everything into the clan/team page may overload it and confuse further

Netherlands Safe on 15:02:28 14th August 2011 CEST

I can enter the scores without a problem but when i try too put a match comment it wont work?

anyone getting the same problem?

and 2nd question does the match get accepted after 24 hours or is mandatory for the appossing team too accept?

thank you in advance

United Kingdom eyjohn on 15:48:18 15th August 2011 CEST

Scores should work via the challenge system, as for the match comments/report, this "should" be working as is from the way it worked in tournaments, but maybe bugged (havent been able to test everything). If the problem repeats then let the staff know.

Auto accept is implemented if no response is made within two days (or rather by the next 1AM at least 2 days from the challenge/reschedule)

Croatia answer001 on 01:00:24 16th August 2011 CEST

How can people change the score if the opponent made conflict that doesn't make any sense..

Zimbabwe sHiiiZ on 17:42:51 16th August 2011 CEST

feel free to challenge @
xfire mr5hadowpro

Amsterdam ComRdz on 20:23:01 17th August 2011 CEST

what to do if opponent enters wrong score accidentally? Only way to go is conflict, which takes ages.. Cant this be fixed?

Poland KumBuL on 14:47:22 29th August 2011 CEST

1. mr10
2. Add mp_vacant
3. anti cheat ( tzac ) or other

Portugal m1guel on 15:56:15 29th August 2011 CEST

After playing a month in this ESH 2v2 competition, and being a CB admin, I'l make a retrospective (with sugestions) about my thoughts regarding this 2v2 1 month season:

- The interface of the website is good, but there are some major problems like teams not being able to change score to the correct one if they put a wrong score (the only thing to do here is conflict - and sometimes not easy to solve). -> the solution here seems quite simple, just change the website functionality here, and let teams change score as much as they want untill both sides confirm the real score. You should also create a timelimit untill teams can conflict (like 48 hours, for example), to avoid pointless conflicts of angry teams who just lost a match.

- The league system works perfectly fine, the rating system is fine, and I actually agree that the rank 1 can be changed without being defeated (being passed by a team that won more points than them), but I think teams should have a motivation to play on, like to win GIF's such as the CB ones (a ladder, a cup, anything =P) -> it's extremely motivating for some people to play for this goal, you don't need to waste any money, and you will have a happy community.

- You definetly need to put promod_mode match_mr10 available also -> Many teams get bored playing 2v2 easily, that's why 2v2 matches should be fast and fun! (even if some teams prefer mr12 only, the 2 options should be available).

- The map list is pretty good, but you are lacking a major 2v2 map -> mp_vacant. This is a well known and much played 2v2 map. If you check CB's activity levels and the maps used on 2v2, you will see about 20% to 30 % of the matches have mp_vacant on it. That map is a must on a 2v2 competition, but we all know it's avoidable on 5v5 competitions.

- The Anti-Cheat TZ-AC MUST be Mandatory. This is absolutely important, as teams don't feel confident to play against others if they know anti-cheat can be avoid. You should put TZ-AC as Mandatory, or TZ-AC and UAC3 as options (let the teams choose one; but this is really up to you).

- The match comments and the demo upload should not be deletable! Many people simply say bad stuff and can upload demos with virus etc etc, that MUST BE PUNISHED! and there is no way to punish that, if the actions people take are not recorded. Having the option to make a comment and then make it disappear (the same with a demo) is, in my opinion, not acceptable, and should be changed on the next competitions you create :)

- The Auto-Accept system seems fine, I though the time for auto-accept was pretty reasonable.

- The League Panel should definetly be found on the main page! I though it was too hard to find if you don't know the website properly. You should put it more visible for the users, as you can only go "pending matches" taking a detour!

- Another suggestion is to add more admins! Not the ones there are not making good decisions, but for a competition to have success you need a fast and efficient answer by the supervisors, so they are respected by the community and the problems are correctly solved! (I noticed this as I have some pending conflicts for over 15 days - and I can't see much admins around)
This will only be possible if you add more admins, but you need to choose them carefully of course, after proper interviews.

- Finally, to conclude, you definetly need to put the map decision on the challenging system, and not only by mIRC and in-game talking. Otherwise, people will lie to each other and cause further conflicts (this happened to me aswell). -> It has a very easy solution, just change a little bit the challenge functionality so that the challenging team needs to give a mandatory answer regarding the map, and the accepting team will also put it's map (considering the options). This will avoid major trouble and the teams will be forced to play the maps they promised to the opponent, and not lie and lame to the others!

Hope you enjoyed my suggestions, and hopefully you will gladly take some of them!

Best regards, with wishes of luck to further competitions,

[CB]m1guel|E5 =)

Poland KumBuL on 22:16:59 31st August 2011 CEST

+1 m1guel

Luxembourg JOZOVOLE on 22:54:33 31st August 2011 CEST

another point is , that team protective was leading the whole time this league , but somehow team "Fits" arranged some fakematches to get these mice.
the winner is 100%ly team protective and not these fakerz a.k.a m1guel and company...gratz

Poland KumBuL on 00:40:56 1st September 2011 CEST

you mad ? your just angry that we pwned you so many times :D
thats why you make some crazy conspiracy theories

btw about protective guys they are on top:D
i asked them to play today and yesterday and many other times
but they didnt want to play so i think its their problem



Luxembourg JOZOVOLE on 00:51:32 1st September 2011 CEST

anybody can be rank 1 by faking 5 matches in a row ;) no big deal polak

Poland KumBuL on 00:57:32 1st September 2011 CEST

anybody but not you couse we pwned you twice on ESH :( you mad about this that we are better ? shame on you Czech

Turkey Mirkk on 04:02:28 1st September 2011 CEST

I think every player should play in one team in the tournament. else they can give away games on purpose.


fits vs mc:

After this match miguel says : they go from zero to hero -> last time sucked now pro, w/e

On the last day of tournament m1guel leaves the mindfuckers and plays for fits. because fits has more chance and they are playing against their old team mindfuckers and gaining 43 points from that game

who thinks that miguel and kumbul didnt mix with fits and played a fake game against mindfuckers to earn mices

Yes m1guel you said it right fits went zero to hero xD

Portugal m1guel on 12:23:01 1st September 2011 CEST

I dont know why all of you are posting pointless stuff on a SUGGESTION thread.

And, anyway, we didn't break any rule (be my guest reading the ESH 2v2 league rules, and tbh, you have to blame yourself protective as you clearly AVOIDED to play against me - I asked you SEVERAL times and got ignored or negative answers) - and no fake matches were done, server logs, tzac and demos are available for all matches.

And I am allowed to play for whoever I want, ain't I?

Poland KumBuL on 18:13:19 1st September 2011 CEST

same here i asked you so many times to play :D and you always was like
soz my mate is afk even yesterday i asked you to play you said no :p

next time mirk play vs me or m1guel when we ask you too play