Posted by   DeNeusbeer on 22:52:34 13th January 2010 CET
News: TF2

ETF2L recently announced cp_gorge as an addition to their mappool for season 7. What is this Gorge map? Few teams had ever seen it, and even fewer had played it in a match. This ofcourse screams for a Gorge cup, to get to know the map. Well, that happens to be the exact thing we will be hosting coming Monday. (Just a few days before the start of the Moray Menace) Our 3rd One-night Wonder will feature cp_gorge, and cp_gorge only.

We also changed our Cup format again, looking for the perfect balance. We now switched to 2 16 team cups. Read all about the how and why of this at the tournament page. Of course you can see the other details there as well.

Don't forget, this is THE chance to practice gorge before season 7 starts. Better not miss it :)

Tournament page
Netherlands Shabbaman on 18:56:59 14th January 2010 CET

Did you know what map rocks? Gorge! Ain't no party like a cp_gorge party!