Posted by   DeNeusbeer on 22:59:53 2nd February 2010 CET
News: TF2

The Grand finals are here! TCM-gaming versus Illegal. But before we talk about that, let's talk about today's matches.

Upper Bracket Final
The Upper bracket final, also TCM versus Illegal. Near 200 people saw this match going back and forth, with the teams getting points by turn. With 3-3 on the board and little time left, we seemed to be heading to a golden gap. Illegal, however, managed to throw out a super-agressive last offensive. That earned them another point, and the victory in this match. Final score: 4-3 to Illegal.

Lower Bracket Final
This sent TCM-gaming to the lower bracket finals, where they were facing the 7 Brothers. The brothers fought valiantly, they took a 1-0 lead, and almost secured a 2-1 lead later on, but the experience of TCM held them back. However, Broder showed that they have true potential in this match. To be able to offer good resistance to a team like TCM is a feat not many teams can boast. The final score, 6-1 to TCM, did reflect the balance, but it did no justice to Broders efforts. I think we'll be seeing more from these already loved guys once they have played together a little longer.

Grand Final
Now, onto the big stuff, the grand final:

Date: Thursday 4th February, 21:15 CET
Maps: 1. LB winner picks , 2. UB winner picks
Cast:I am pleased to announce that this match will be broadcast by the well-known Level UP TV - [Link/]
SourceTV: Most likely:

I am sure it will be a great match! Do not forget, the winner will take home a set of Razer Moray earbuds, sponsored by Razer themselves.
Belgium skinnie on 23:06:53 2nd February 2010 CET

good to see a new team like broder coming up , they were surprisingly good tbh

  Netherlands DeNeusbeer on 23:20:43 2nd February 2010 CET

Indeed they were. They came 3rd in a cup that featured 6 division 1 teams, not to mention some other high-up division 2 teams. That fact alone should be pretty awesome for the broder guys.