Posted by   DeNeusbeer on 18:59:04 4th February 2010 CET
News: TF2

The ETF2L is starting again, with over 300 teams they are the propotype league for TF2. They have incorporated fixed maps. In order to get some practice in for the first few weeks, we are hereby announcing a One Night Wonder which features all of ETF2L's week 1 and week 2 maps. These maps are: cp_gullywash (twice), cp_granary and ctf_turbine.

32 teams, separated in 2 x 16 team cups will battle it out on these maps coming Monday, February the 8th. The teams, like last time, will be divided into 2 smaller cups to level the playing field a bit more and create more enjoyable matches for all.

Rules Update
We have updated our TF2 rules, to get in line with the other TF2 leagues and to conform with the latest updates from Valve.
Updated sections are:
- Unlockables
- Config (Added fixed bulletspread and gravetalk)
- Merc rules (NO mercs in prize competitions, 1 in an ONW)
- New section on claiming prizes

You can always read the rules on the Rules page of any competition. The rules page for this competition can be found here: Rules. Please re-read the rules and make sure you know them.

The updated rules will be in effect starting this tournament.

You can find out all about the cup on the Tournament Page
Romania Nightbox on 19:11:26 4th February 2010 CET

nice :)