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Posted by   DeNeusbeer on 23:52:02 4th February 2010 CET
News: TF2

TCM-Gaming defeated Power Gaming (previously known as Illegal) in the Moray Menace grand finals earlier this evening.

Coming from the Lower Bracket, TCM had to win 2 maps, while Illegal on the other hand only needed 1 to claim victory.

First map: cp_well
The first map of choice was cp_well. Knowing TCM's history on well, it seemed like this one was up for grabs for them. And so it was. Fully utilizing Haunter as heavy weapons guy, TCM managed to take middle on most all occasions. In 1 or 2 of the rounds Power showed some resistance, but in the end it was always TCM who prevailed. The score: 5-0 in 25 minutes.

Second map: cp_badlands preview
Next stop: cp_badlands. Going into it, many people thought Power Gaming would prevail. At the recent Winter Assembly event Power defeated TCM on that very map. Badlands is much more suited to Power's aggressive play style than the slower-paced cp_well.

Second map starts
And so it began. 1 map, the winner of this map would go home rich and famous, the loser would be left to sulk alone.

TCM started off good, dominating the middle capture point like a rock, while Illegal threw their waves at it. Needless to say, the rock won. After that, the rock grew legs and managed to jump up on the spire, and finally slide onto the last point. This all in just under 2 minutes. The next point was TCM's as well. 2-0 for now. Luckily for the spectators, Power figured out what they did wrong and won a third round with ease. The 4th round then. Power knew they had to get this to stand a chance of winning. They managed to take middle and spire, but then the Rock appeared again. and the Rock laughed at Power's waves again. They never got close to capturing last. That is, until the Rock decided it was time to move off the capture point. One tily little wave called Fluffy secretly went behind the Rock and captured uncontested.

Second map finale
This was the moment. 2-2 and little over 3 minutes left. Both teams knew they had to give it their all, go that bit further. Around 15 (!) people died on the middle point before someone could cap it. And that someone was TCM. The spire wasn´t that far from there. At that point, Power put on the brakes. They had no hopes of getting a full point in the given time frame, so they went full/out defensive. Sentry and Heavy were deployed, and all they could do was wait and hope for that timer to run out and take their chances at a golden cap. TCM ubered in, managed to take down the sentry and heavy pretty fast, and then it was all over. With 15 seconds on the clock they won! 3-2 in yet another great finale!

Statement: Byte
I asked TCM's demoman, Byte for a short statement:

The cup overall was a huge success, we had some close encounters especially with Illegal. We knew Illegal only need the 1 map so the pressure was on, thankfully our map was first and it's the best we've played in a long while the comms were so clear and distinct nothing could beat us even when we were on the back foot. All of the team had an excellent game in every aspect. On badlands it was a different story being their best map and our weakness currently we knew we were up against it. We revised our tactics and knew how al. would play, hence we took a good 2-0 lead very solid but they adapted being a professional clan and hit us hard.

The last 5 minutes was the best part of the entire cup for us! So i would like to thank Illegal for the close game was very enjoyable and very intense. TCM are looking forward to the next cup being ran by ESH as it should be yet another close encounter between the top teams! Would like to thank ESH and the organizers and Xman for his inspiring SHOUTING speech after the game :D

Congratulations and thanks
We want to congratulate TCM with their results. They will go home with a pair of Razer Moray earbuds, sponsored by Razer. We also thank every team that has participated, it was a fun event. On to the next one! Of course we also thank and for broadcasting some of our matches.

We hope to see you soon for our next event.
  Scotland Crasp on 00:08:07 5th February 2010 CET

Really great final, congrats to TCM, commiserations to Illegal. Big thanks to all who took part or were involved in any way.

Belgium skinnie on 01:24:44 5th February 2010 CET

gg was great fun

Portugal Haunter on 03:58:38 5th February 2010 CET