Posted by Els on 11:03:22 15th September 2009 CEST
News: COD4

The tournament is kicking of tonight with the first round of the bracket starting at 19:00 CET.

The brackets are online and can be found here.

Be sure you read the cuprules here

SAPPHIRE is sponsoring this tournament with five ATI Radeon 4850 512MB graphics cards, providing the kind of graphical power any gamers wants in their gaming rig.

United Kingdom ono on 11:13:28 15th September 2009 CEST

hf all:))

Belgium dfb on 15:02:27 15th September 2009 CEST

good luck!

Finland Rorz on 21:48:41 15th September 2009 CEST

Was fun until admin chose his side... lame cup

Finland NiNLeX on 21:54:13 15th September 2009 CEST

Belgium pwns!

Germany ZOor on 13:12:09 18th September 2009 CEST

TLR was busted caus of Cheating. Our Match against them hasnt been deleted. Why?