Posted by   Crasp on 18:11:24 6th January 2010 CET
News: TF2

The Second TF2 One Night Wonder cup finished late into the night, with Dignitas eventually beating YoYoTech in an epic final. Doubling the teams involved from the First cup led to double the spectators, over 200. Thanks again for watching!

The final itself was fantastic. YoYoTech versus Dignitas is usually worth watching, and they really didn't disappoint.
YoYoTech won the first map (Badlands) 5-3, and were looking strong into Granary. At the time limit it was 3-3, which led to a "sudden death" Golden Cap, Dignitas taking it after about 10 minutes. This led us nicely back to Badlands for a decider!
The teams were inseparable, so time stepped in, favouring Dignitas. They capped with 20 seconds or so to spare, taking the final map 5-4, concluding a phenomenal comeback and yet another fantastic cup.

Thanks again to all the players for participating, some of whom were still playing well after midnight, their local times. Thanks also to all the spectators, the fantastic other TF2 websites for covering us such as,,, for streaming the semis and final, and anyone else I may have forgotten to mention!

Again I'd like to emphasise the TF2 forum section here on Esports Heaven. If you have any questions, comments or complaints, please let us know in here.

Next up on ESH TF2 will be our first prize cup! This will not be a one night affair (although we may have another one of those soon as well), but in fact spread over a few match days. Sign ups will be opened very soon, we're just fixing a few final details. Again, let us know your thoughts of this on the forums!
Scotland Jase on 19:37:51 6th January 2010 CET

Well done Esports Heaven - the One Night Wonder Cups are building up to be quite successful.

Sweden traget on 20:06:31 6th January 2010 CET

zerox was the mvp

Belgium skinnie on 00:12:07 7th January 2010 CET


England Black Bob on 11:07:34 7th January 2010 CET

Epic decider on badlands!

United Kingdom Loco on 12:11:21 7th January 2010 CET

Really enjoyed the one night cup,
hope to have more great competitions like this well done to E-sports Heaven,these events are becoming even more popular.

Finland agron on 13:16:33 7th January 2010 CET

was a fun cup. Finals were brilliant too.

looking forward to the next one :)

United Kingdom ajones on 14:05:53 7th January 2010 CET

Bring on the next cup!

Germany bpf on 18:15:36 7th January 2010 CET

gj E-sports Heaven