Posted by   Crasp on 21:27:27 12th January 2010 CET
News: TF2

Welcome to the Moray Menace TF2 cup, sponsored by Razer. This is a double-elimination cup with room for 64 teams. It will run in little over 2 weeks, so it should be a compact and fun environment for all.

The cup will have 4 matchdays plus a grand final. The cup will be spread out over 2 weeks, which means there will be 2 matchdays per week. These days will be Monday and Thursday. Please make sure you can play on these days if you want to participate.

The winners will get 6x Razer Moray earbuds!

Tournament Details
Maximum teams: 64
Date: Wednesday 20 January - Thursday 4 February
Format: Double elimination cup
Admins: DeNeusbeer, Crasp, D2M
Sponsor: Razer
Rules: [Click here]
Sign up: [Click here]
IRC: #esportsheaven (QuakeNet)


Note: The first two playdates have changed since the announcement. Please take a look at the schedule and assure you can play before signing up.

Day 1: Wednesday 20/01:
20:00 CET UB Round 1
20:45 CET UB Round 2 + LB Round 1
21:30 CET UB Round 3 + LB Round 2

Day 2: Tuesday 26/01:
20:00 CET LB Round 3
20:45 CET LB Round 4 + UB Round 4
21:30 CET LB Round 5 + UB Round 5

Day 3: Thursday 28/01:
20:00 CET LB Round 6
20:45 CET LB Round 7
21:00 CET UB final

Day 4: Monday 1/02:
20:00 CET LB Round 8
20:45 CET LB Round 9
21:30 CET LB Final

Day 5: Thursday 4/02:
21:00 CET Grand Final

* UB = Upper Bracket, LB = Lower Bracket

Double elimination
We are using double elimination for this cup. This means that if you've been defeated, you will get a second chance in the lower bracket. Keep a good look on the brackets to see when your next match is.
Belgium Brutallus on 16:34:09 13th January 2010 CET

Will definately sign up for this one! Nice job!

Czech Republic Trex on 18:00:05 13th January 2010 CET


Denmark SirRemix on 11:42:51 15th January 2010 CET

Looking forward to this :)