80 teams started the group-stage of this tournament last week. After having done battle there are now only 40 left. They will battle for that €250, so generously provided by Western Digital.

Because we unfortunately were not able to fill all 128 slots in this tournament, the first round of the play-offs will have a lot of bye's. Please consult the tree to see what your first match is.

For this tournament, the old version of cp_freight will still be used. cp_freight_final1 will not be used.

Playoff Details:

Round 1:
- Thursday 6 May, 20:00 CEST
- Map: cp_freight

Round 2:
- Thursday 6 May, 21:00 CEST
- Map: cp_badlands

Round 3:
- Thursday 6 May, 22:00 CEST
- map: ctf_turbine

Quarter Finals:
- Sunday 9 May 20:00 CEST
- map: cp_badlands

Semi-Finals (best of 3 maps):
- Sunday 9 May 21:00 CEST
- Maps: chosen by teams from the standard map pool*

Finals (best of 3 maps):
- To be played in the week starting 10 May.
- Maps: Chosen by teams from the standard map pool*

The map pool is: Turbine, Gravelpit, Freight, Granary, Obscure, Badlands, Gorge, Gullywash, Well
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