Teams & Players
- A team needs to have 5 players in its team before it can sign up to the cup. The team captain is responsible for his players. The team captain has to be sure that all the teams players know the rules and follow these.
- A team is allowed to substitute during the match, though this is only allowed before, at half time, or during timeouts.
- Players can only play for 1 team during the cup. Failing to do so will result in a forfeit loss for the team the player played for.
- Players without GUID entered will be removed from the Squad 1 hour before the matches start.
- Teams found having below 5 players will automatically be removed.
- Organisations / managers are allowed to spectate there own team if the server is big enough.

Data & Records

Teams can officially request demos in the match comments, this is beneficial for admins and the match participants. This must be done first before contacting an admin. In order for an admin to watch a demo, timestamps must be created. This is a log of the accused player displaying specific rounds and times.

All matches played on Esports Heaven need to be recorded and should be kept until 48 hours after the match. If there is a conflict about the match then the demos should be kept until 48 hours after the conflict is solved. Failing to do so will lead to a direct forfeit loss for the team.

All matches played on Esports Heaven, TZAC MUST be used at all times. Please see the follow steps in order to play with TZAC.

How to run TZAC:
1)Register on this TZAC site -
2) Activate the account
3) Copy your unique TZAC ID and paste it in the TZAC ID box on your Excello profile
4) Go to the downloads section on top of the site and download the Windows client
5) Find the "TZAC - COD4" shortcut in start -> programs -> TZAC ANTICHEAT
6) Enter your username and password
7) Press the login button
8) Press the Browse button and locate iw3mp.exe in your COD4 install dir
9) Enter the match ID from the Excello match URL into the match id field on TZAC
*A quick and easy way of finding the Match ID would be to go to the Results page. Find your team vs opponent and click "Upcoming" next to it. The Match ID will be the number in the URL.
10) Press the Start the game button

Esports Heaven is against any sort of cheating. Therefore we do not allow:
- Any files or programs that change or edit the game from being original. Using any of those files or programs during a cup match will exclude your team from the cup. Also the player in question will be banned from Esports Heaven and reported to its games Cheat Database.
An example of a program that is allowed is a voice communication program.
- Bug abusing is not allowed. Doing so will result in a forfeit loss for the team in question and the team will be excluded for the first upcoming cup.
- Teams must check GUID's before the game has started, this is in "Ready up mode". If you have found a problem, please inform your opponent so they can correct it. Any claims after the game will be dismissed as it is classed as "laming".
- GUIDs can be entered here enter the 8 last digits of your GUID number.
- If a player or clan is caught cheating after a cup is finished but before prizes have been handed out, Esports Heaven reserves the right to withhold the prizes.
- "Self spec" will be considered cheating, it gives the player a huge advantage when using this bug. Players caught doing so will result in a round loss.
- Punkbuster must be turned on.

Cup Layout
- This cup allows 128 teams to participate. The cup runs a Single Elimination system.
- All matches will be played over 1 map (except for the semifinal and final) which is prescheduled by the Cup admins.
- All matches will be played 5 versus 5.
- If a player laggs/times out, 4v5 is allowed.
- Teams must have 5 players, you cannot start with 4.
- A teams wins if it reaches 13 rounds first. If it is 12-12 there will be an overtime of mr3.
- Seeds, they will be for admin eyes only and used to seperate the "better" teams from playing each other early on.

Reporting a no-show
Teams can report a no-show 15 minutes after the start time (example: Cup start time: 20:00 – No-show time: 20:15). Please do not spam the admins of the tournament, teams can enter the no-show themselves by entering 1:0 as the score. In some cases, evidence may be needed (screenshots, chat log). Admins have the right to question the team requesting a no-show win.

Entering results
How do I enter the result? Simple, go to “Tournament Panel” or click here and then select “Manage” next to the tournament name. You will then be asked to enter the result for the match you have just played.

- [Depending on single or double elimination]
- Knife for side
- Admins have the right to spectate the final
- If both teams agree, the final may be streamed (example: QuadV, KaosTV).

Server settings & commands
The cup will be using Promod Live V2.11 EU which can be downloaded here
Normal match settings - /rcon promod_mode match_mr12
Overtime - /rcon promod_mode match_mr3

Please note that we do not give out or supply servers to teams for the tournament, if both teams do not have a server then we suggest you ask around. We have a schedule to stick to and therefore cannot afford to go over it. If both teams fail to play there match, they shall be removed from the tournament.

Media Stream
Streamers have to ask for permission from the Admins. Matches which have not allowed streamers will be forfeited.
Allowed streams:
KaosTV -
CG.TV - -

Contacting your opponent
You can contact your opponent in #esportsheaven or try their contact details on their clanpage on Alternatively, you can contact them directly by going to their IRC channel.

You can contact gject`eksorVN / brcho[VN] / Refuse`stripz on #esh.cod4