32 teams have signed up and the brackets are now on-line. You can view them by clicking the Brackets tab at the top.

We hope to see all teams in time tomorrow. Please join our IRC channel #esportsheaven for the duration of the cup. This will greatly ease communication between the teams. Also, find your opponent on time so you can start playing at 19:30, and not 10 minutes later. Being too late will result in a forfeit loss. (The cup must go on.)
Welcome to the second Team Fortress 2 One Night Wonder cup.

After the succes of the first cup, we now present a second one. It will be very similar to the first cup in setup.

We have changed the team size to 32 teams. This also means the first round will now start at 19:30 CET Ofcourse we have

Tournament details
Maximum teams: 32
Date: Monday 4 January, 19:30 CET - ~23:30 CET (End of finals)
Format: Single elimination cup
Admins: DeNeusbeer, Crasp, D2M
Rules: [Click here]
Signup: [Click here]
IRC: #esportsheaven

Please note: Each team has to have at least one member in our IRC channel while they are participating in the cup. This is to ease the communication. This is a 1-day cup with a tight schedule. We had to give out an unneeded default win last time because 2 teams did not communicate with us properly. If any problems/delays arise, contact the admins immediately. Please play your matches on time. (Earlier is better.)

Signing up
Before signing up, your team leader will need to create a team AND a TF2 squad. After that he can invite his players to join his team. (Every player will have to make an account) Also, do not forget to fill in your SteamID after creating your account. Please start completing your teams ASAP.

For more details on how to do these things, please visit the FAQ [Click here]

Round 1
- start: 19:30 CET
- map: cp_granary

Round 2
- start: 20:15 CET
- map: cp_gullywash (Download link: [Click here])

Quarter Finals
- start: 21:00 CET
- map: cp_freight (Download link: [Click here])

Semi Finals
- start: 21:45 CET
- map: ctf_turbine

- start: 22:30 CET
- maps: Each pick one. Decider: cp_badlands
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