Table of contents
1) General Rules
2) Class Limits
3) Config
4) Server
5) Unlockable weapons
6) Demos
7) Cheating
8) Map rules
9) This cup

1) General rules
- Games will be played 6v6
- 6 players are needed to play a match
- If a player drops, pausing is allowed at the end of a round.

2 Class Limits
All matches will be played with the following class limits: 1 medic, 1 demoman, 2 of all other classes.

3 Config
All matches need to use the ESH TF2 configs (Or the ETF2L ones, as they are identical) [Download here]

4 Server
Teams will have to play on a server with the ESH (or ETF2L) TF2 config loaded. If you cannot agree on a server, an admin will decide.

5 Unlockable weapons
All weapons will be fully allowed to use, unless they are specified below. The weapons that are not to be used are:
- Sandman: not allowed
- Force a Nature: limited to 1

6 Demos
All players are required to record in-eye demos and make them available when an admin requests them.

7 Cheating
Using external programs for cheating, or abusing game/map exploits and bugs is strictly forbidden. When you are in doubt about the legality of an action: contact an admin.

8 Map rules
- cp_gravelpit & cp_gorge: Played as a best of 3. The first team to win 2 attack/defence rounds wins. This map is played in ABBA style, which means if team A starts attacking in round 1, team B starts attacking in round 2.
- all ctf maps: Played with a timelimit of 30 minutes. In case of a draw, a golden gap will be played.
- All other cp maps: Played to a timelimit of 30 minutes OR a difference of 5 points in score. In case of a draw, a golden gap will be played. Config: exec esh.cfg

9 This cup
This cup is a 64-team double elimination cup, played over 4 match days, plus a Grand Final. Since we are using double elimination for this cup, if you've been defeated, you will get a second chance in the lower bracket. Keep a good look on the brackets to see when your next match is.
On each match day, 1 match will have to be played every 45 minutes, starting 20:00 CET, until 3 matches have been played.
The Grand Final will be played on Thursday, 4th February, at 21:00 CET. The UB winner needs to beat the LB winner only once to win the tournament, however the LB winner must beat the UB winner twice. The LB winner gets to pick the first map, the UB winner the second.