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Posted by   DeNeusbeer
This is the HIGH version of this cup

The brackets for this competition are now live! You can find them by clicking on Brackets in the navigation bar above.
We hope to see you all in time on Monday, please be on time.
ETF2L recently announced cp_gorge as an addition to their mappool for season 7. What is this Gorge map? Few teams had ever seen it, and even fewer had played it in a match. This ofcourse screams for a Gorge cup, to get to know the map. Well, that happens to be the exact thing we will be hosting coming Monday. Our 3rd One-night Wonder will feature cp_gorge, and cp_gorge only.

We have once again slightly revised the format of our cup, trying to seek the perfect one. This is how it will go this time: There is place for 32 teams, but instead of 1 big cup, they will be placed in 2 cups, one 'high' and one 'low'. This separation is based on how good we think you are. :) This has a few benefits:
- The finals will take place earlier, last time it got a little late.
- You won't have to play a team that is waay out of your league, or at least the amount of these matches should be limited.

We will create one cup with 32 slots, and when that is full, we will move the relevant 16 teams to the other cup and make the brackets.

Tournament Details
Maximum teams: 32 (2x16 cups)
Date: Monday, 18 January, 19:30 CET - ~ 22:30 (end of finals)
Format: 2 Single Elimination cups
Admins: DeNeusbeer, Crasp, D2M
Map: cp_gorge. Gorge will be played in ABBA mode with stopwatch enabled, each team will attack and defend twice, similar to cp_gravelpit.
Rules: [Click here]
Signup: [Click here]
IRC: #esportsheaven

Each team should have at least 1 member available on our IRC channel for the duration of the cup.

Signing up
Before signing up, your team leader will need to create a team AND a TF2 squad. After that he can invite his players to join his team. (Every player will have to make an account) Also, do not forget to fill in your SteamID after creating your account. Please start completing your teams ASAP.

For more details on how to do these things, please visit the FAQ [Click here]

Round 1
- start: 19:30 CET
- map: cp_gorge

Round 2
- start: 20:15 CET
- map: cp_gorge

Semi Finals
- start: 21:00 CET
- map: cp_gorge

- start: 21:45 CET
- map: cp_gorge
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