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In the previous news post, we mentioned that ties would not be allowed during group stage matches, this rule has now been dropped and deciding maps will be played during both the group games and knockout games when begin.

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The signups for the YCN Spring Challenge are now closed, and the groups and matches have been created for the first match week which will commence tomorrow (Monday 21st March).

Teams participating in the YCN Spring Challenge can find their 'Round 1' games (games for the first matchweek) on their group located on Esports Heaven here. The games for 'Round 2' will occur in the second week, and the 'Round 3' games will of course occur in the third.

The games!
The games played this week, will be those which are in the 'Round 1' section of their group on Esports Heaven, this should be one game per team this week.
The maps to be played this week are supply, and adlernest. If a tie occurs, then you should mark the game as a draw; there will be no extra maps in the group games.
A team can request ETTV is they wish to have it on their game, and they should request via GamesTV, other services or own ETTV servers are not permitted.

A few notes
Please can players participating in the YCN Spring Challenge ensure that they are on the IRC channel #YCNSC on Quakenet, and can the team leader contact an admin on #YCNSC to get an invite to the competition private channel.
As there is no place on Esports Heaven at the moment for the SLAC ID, can players please enter their SLAC ID into the 'Etpro GUID' field on their settings, it is essential that you do this!
All teams must now ensure their squad is up to date, and correct before they play their first game this week, also you should remove players who are not playing in your games. Finally please make sure you are not in two teams which are competing in the tournament.

The original news post about the YCN Spring Challenge can be found here

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After some time of preperation and planning, today we are announcing the YCN Spring Challenge, and accepting signups.

Signups are now open and teams who wish to participate should do this as soon as possible. You can sign up by going to our competition page on Esports Heaven : you will need to signup and register your team on the site to do this.

Signups are open immedietly
Signups close on Saturday (19th March 2011)
Groups announced on Sunday (20th March 2011)
First games commence on Monday (21st March 2011)

General information
Group games for the YCN Spring Challenge will commence on the 21st of March (The upcoming Monday)
Mappool : supply gold radar adler bremen frostbite
Format : 5on5
Admins : United Kingdom Msh100
Size : 32 Teams (An admin will accept your team on Esports Heaven)
If you have any questions, you should join our public IRC channel on Quakenet at #YCNSC
Group games will begin on the 21st, after the groups there will be a double elimination bracket which will decide the winners.

Of course, the winners of this tournament will recieve prizes of credit on their team account of:
1st £50 + Free Mumble for 12 months
2nd £30 + Free Mumble for 6 months
3rd £20 + Free Mumble for 3 months

The winners will have more than enough credit to buy themselves a match server for a year in the United Kingdom, Germany or The Netherlands.

The rules of this competition can be found on the YCN Sping Challenge Esports Heaven website, under the 'rules' page.

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